Student and Family Support

Welcome to our Student & Family Support page!

As the school social worker, I look forward to working with the staff and the students and their
families in order to ensure that the students of Summitville receive a strong academic foundation.

It is also my desire to assist your child in building self-confidence and positive character along
the way. I will work with students individually and also in a group and classroom setting. I
welcome and encourage the involvement of family members. As the social worker, I will involve
the community. I will link families to resources in the community that can assist the families in
meeting their needs, resulting in their students coming to school ready to learn.

Through this page I will share with you resources and/or events that are available in the
community. You may find that these resources will benefit your children and your family, as a
whole. Many of these resources will provide services that can assist you in meeting the
physical, social, and emotional needs of members of your family.

Please feel free to contact me at school if you have a need or a concern that may be keeping
your child from performing his/her best in and out of school. In addition to community resources, you may also find words of encouragement and inspiration, as well as parenting news/tips.

Tammy Holt
Social Worker
Phone: 765-536-2875